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A wide range of repair guides and support for the consumer-grade laptop computer line by Toshiba.

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FN key does opposite

i have a toshiba sattelite with a strange keyboard when i press a key with two options (FN -normal) it it only does the FN but i didnt press fn and when i press FN i get the normal options

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If your saying when you press fn it does normal but when you dont it does fn? if thats teh case thats normal. Nothing strange there. Just something that different between manufactures.

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i have this issue since last friday berfore then it was just fine


You probably change a setting or something. If it still works and it doesnt affect anything. Why does it matter. The f keys arent used often anyways.


it does matter because its the numerical part of the keyboard 1-0


oh ok. You got windows 7 or 10? if its 7 go to control panel then find keyboard and see if there is an option there. if you have windows 10. Check settings and look for a option. If not check control panel on windows 10. There might be an option to change that. Have you recently messed with any settings or anything recently?


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