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Not getting enough voltage through pp1v8, pp1v8_sdram

So got an iPhone 6 in that won't power on. Tested main lines and removed a short in vcc_main. After so all other lines I could test are good with no shorts and correct voltage...except for pp1v8 and pp1v8_sdram.

Phone isn't pulling any amps through ammeter. For fun I swapped tristar as well as main pmic. I'm still getting 0 amps and .7v through pp1v8.

Any thoughts?

No liquid damage as well and again these lines aren't shorted.

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Do you mean a USB ammeter? That just means the phone is not charging, which is a different problem. If PP1V8_SDRAM is not working, Tristar will not work and it will not charge (therefore, not showing any current draw on the ammeter).

Have you checked the lines to see if they are shorted or did you just check the voltages?

Can you plug in a power supply instead of a battery? That will tell you how much current the phone is using. Then I would check the 1V8 lines to see what is going on. If your PMIC was successful, then something must be bringing the line down.

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