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The third iteration of the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab tablet.

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Can galaxy touch screen ribbon be spliced?

When removing tape from my touch screen ribbon, I accidentally tore the ribbon from connector. Is there a way to splice a new ribbon on it, or must I tear down the entire tab and replace screen and all? I'm an extreme novice, yet a brave one! I'm a 54 year old woman who didn't grow up with electronics unless Atari counts! LOL Thanks in advance! Youtube is my friend!

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A lot of people will say no it's not possible. I would say it is possible but extremely difficult and I would not recommend it. First, it is more a temporary fix and likely may break over time especially if not using solder. The traces in the ribbon cables are so fine that it requires very good magnification and a very steady hand. I have seen a few people splice ribbon cables on YouTube if you really wish to attempt it. I've seen them scrape away the plastic layer to expose the tracks/traces and then either use very fine wire and solder and the solder the wires to the exposed tracks to make a splice or I've seen a person scrape both edges where the cable tore and then used a type of conductive wire glue and over lapped the edges to where the tracks lined up perfectly and used the conductive adhesive/wire glue to joint the tracks individually​. Either way is very time consuming and takes strong magnification and a very steady hand. I've attempted both ways and gave up, but may attempt it again eventually. I will link at least one video from YouTube so you can get an idea if it's something you wish to attempt. I say it never hurts to try. Most will say it is not possible but anything is possible with the right mindset.

Or go to YouTube​ and search for ribbon cable splicing or flex cable splicing to find more videos. Best of luck on your repair.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you, I have terrible old age farsightedness, a shaky hand and not a ton of patients! Will I need to remove everything from the tab to replace screen? Motherboard, cameras, et al? It may be better, since I have the parts, to call around to price getting it done for me! Thanks again. Your answer was EXACTLY what I was looking for! Too bad they can't connect the ribbon to the screen with a connector so you could just replace that part!


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