The Ford Expedition is a full-size SUV assembled by the American automaker Ford Motor Company. Introduced as the four-door successor of the two-door Ford Bronco, the Expedition has remained in production since the 1997 model year; it is currently in its third model generation.

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Why are my Rear Brake lights not working

We checked the fuses and they seem fine. Two years ago we had a huge problem with the wiring harness, it would loosen it's connection from our dirt road and the truck would just shut off.

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nancy , Do you have rear signal lights? If bulbs, bulb sockets, fuses and brake light switch all appear to be good the fault is probably the turn signal switch. Also there is a trailer light harness on the vehicle check at that connection or actually remove the trailer light harness as some have a built in converter that can cause weird issues also. Links below may have some useful info. for you as well. Good luck.

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Assuming you have already replaced the bulbs, there is a switch that the brake pedal touches when depressed that activates the lights. I've seen this switch knocked out of place before or even broken.

Here are two links. The first, the guy shows the location and basic overview of the brake switch in a 2004 Expedition. The second, shows an actual replacement for an 2004-2008 F-150.

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Check the wiring at the multifunction switch in the steering column. The molded plastic connector is vulnerable to cracking & allowing the individual wires to become disconnected. Fixed mine...

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The multi-function switch was the problem disassemble the multifunction switch inside all the contacts were corroded green and non-working cleaning the multifunction switch isn't hard and it saves you about a hundred and sixty bucks for a new one


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