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Inverter/Antenna Cables Same as Bluetooth antenna cable?

I have a dark display yet the desktop is visible on an external monitor and when a light is shown behind or on the front of the display. I replaced the inverter board, but that wasn't the problem.

I plan on trying the inverter/antenna cables next, but I'm wondering if that includes the cable that's attached to the bluetooth board.

The long cable that's attached to the bluetooth board is stripped down to the bare wire in one spot so I'm hoping that may be the problem.

Once I replace these cables is there any way I can try to see if this has fixed the display problem without replacing the hinges and everything else?

What I'm trying to say is of course I'll replace all the connections on the logic board, but how can I protect the cables from the keyboard without re assembling everything?

Thank you for any help you may be able to give me!

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Thanks for your answer machead. What if I put all the cables back into the hinge but just didn't attach the hinge tightly back to the powerbook? Would that be a safer situation?

I just didn't want to go through all the trouble of making all the tight connections only to find the cables aren't the problem. And then have to undo it all again to test the data display cable.

Thanks again! MackDog


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you're careful, yes. There are no interlocks to prevent the machine from booting without being completely assembled, but watch out for shorting any connection because everything is lose.

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Good luck,


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Just be careful with all that open circuitry not to wiggle, bump or move something into contact with something it shouldn't.


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If as you describe you can see a faint image, then the display cable is not the problem, and it's either the inverter cable, or the screen itself. When you move the screen back and forth on the hinge, does it sometimes light up, especially when it's almost closed? If so, that's a giveaway that it's the inverter cable. If not, it could be either. Usually it's the screen, honestly, but it's worth trying the inverter cable first because it's cheaper.

Yes, you can test the cable without putting the hinge back together. It's not a pretty sight, and you'll wish you had five hands in order to hold all the pieces that are falling all over you, but it can fairly easily be done. As far as protecting the cable from the topcase, don't fasten down the topcase, i.e. leave it unscrewed and loose. There is enough give in the topcase connector that it can easily be plugged in and hovering an inch or two above the machine without it being fastened down.

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