Wi-Fi and Bluetooth doesn't work after repair


I have there Huawei P9 lite. It has been damaged by water. In Professional store it has been repaired by replacing new screen. But after this, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth doesn't work. I click to turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but nothing happen. GSM work good.

I don't know the schematic and construction of phone, so I don't have idea where could be problem. (It could be disconnected antenna?)


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It wouldn't be a disconnected antenna if you can't turn Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on, can you confirm that it does not turn on?

That would actually be the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth IC (sometimes these are a all in one chip) on the logic board gone bad from the liquid damage corrosion if it doesn't turn on.


@benjamen50 I can't turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so it could be probably a antenna. Can you check my which IC it is and position on board?


Hi ,I have the same problem .Did you find a solution ?


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