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Broken and blank screen after the drop

Hi. I dropped the 6s Plus and the screen is shattered and went blank when I turn on the phone. I see totally dark screen. I opened the phone and checked for any dislodge connector and I found none. All the connectors look intact. The good news is that when I connected to iTunes it sees my phone and it allows me to backup, restore, update, and whatever. Is it safe and 100% sure to say that the only problem is the screen and not the logic board? I really don't want to buy a new screen and to find out there is also any issue with the logic board. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank. This is my first post in here.

Update (03/04/2017)

Thank Clayton. I did shine a flash light on the screen and can not see a home screen and completely blank. I guest that is good news. You mentioned about the backlight. How do you fix the backlight? Is it a backlight chip on the logic board that need to be replaced? I hope that is not the case here. I don't want to do microsoldering or fiddling with the logic board. Thank you, sir!

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From that I would say it just needs the LCD replaced. The backlight would require micro-soldering but replacing the LCD should fix your issue.


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I suggest getting another screen tried on first because backlight never goes bad on drop on original screen.

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I would say it is either the LCD or the backlight. Before replacing the screen, shine a flashlight into the screen and look around and see if you see your home screen. If it's completely blank then it is most likely just needing a replacement screen but if you see your home screen then the backlight has went out on the phone most likely.

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