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Not charging after screen replacement

So i replaced the screen on an iphone 6s, the phone was brought to me almost dead just flashing battery, put it on charger and it charged to 35 percent. So i proceeded with the repair, so its safe to say the battery would charge before i replaced the screen. Installed new screen, turns on everything fine. But when plugged into charger it shows charging but its not charging the battery. I have ordered a new battery for it to see if that will fix the issue. I have tried a reset by holding down the home button and power button. I know i fully discharged the power aswell before removing the screen. I always hold down the power button before removing screens. Any idea how or what could cause this?

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Holding power button is pointless, disconnecting battery and waiting about 5 - 10 seconds is enough to discharge everything.

As for your issue, there could be a few possibilities, you may have knocked something off during repair, or accidentally hit something and damaged it.

You could also have a poor quality screen that drains more power than an original screen.

The problem could of also been there beforehand, it could be a tristar chip issue from cheap cable damage, as tristar can cause the phone to only charge up to a certain percentage and it can also cause the fake charging issue that you're experiencing. :-)

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after the replacement of the screen, the battery was really low, put on charger and it went to 8 percent. I guess it never went past that. I am guess you have experienced this yourself before. Got the screen from Injured gadgets was 75 for it. I know nothing about micro soldering nor the setup for it. Something that i would like to get into very soon.


Yes these are some of the symptoms of tristar chip damage, this would require micro soldering.


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No need to hold power button after unplugging battery.

You only need to wait 5 seconds after unplugging battery.

Have you tried a another charging port flex cable?

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