After replace mosfet ups won't run

Hi.. After replace mosfets my ups won't run, how to track fault component on the board by avometer.. Thanks indeed.

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What is the make and model number of your UPS?


Hi jayeff.. It's Chinese ups labeled as" UP POWER "model 1060H/600VA


Hi @mazenalloush ,

As I cannot find a circuit diagram online or even any information at all relating to the UPS's make and model number the best that I can suggest is to either contact the maker (if there are any details on the UPS to help you to identify the maker - there are none that I can find online) and ask if there is a circuit diagram available or that you have to manually trace out the wiring from the input connections and on the pcb and draw the circuit and then do continuity tests.

Do all the tracing of the wiring paths with no power connected initially as since the new mosfets aren't working there has to be an open circuit or high resistance somewhere. Once you have drawn the circuit it will be easier to follow what should be happening. It is a slow process but sometimes it is the only way.

Sorry that I cannot help you further


Ok.. Thanks jayeff.. I'll try my best


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