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Nintendo Game Boy Advance, released in 2001. Repair requires only common tools and no heat.

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The power works but screen don't want to turn on?

I buy a Game Boy Advance on Ebay and it said it works, so when i got my Game Boy Advance i was very happy to can play games for example Sonic Advance.

Starts Problem: So when i put the batteries on the Game Boy Advance and i put the game where the games connect, so i turn it on the green light appears so that means the power works but the screen it don't turn on, so i turn off and turn on again so the green light appears very good but the game doesn't want to turn on. So i don't know whats going on so can you help me please, then i can fix it because i can fix it. If you don't understand what i talking about i will show you a video of the problem.

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have you tried other games? or just tried turning it on with out a game? if i remember correctly you can turn it on with out a game and it should say gameboy. if not then the screen is probably burnt out.

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