2.4GHz, 2.7GHz, or 2.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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Is it possible to replace 16GB Mac parts with 8GB Mac(same EMC)?

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013) , MacBookPro10,1

  • ME664xx/A 15.4"/2.4 Quad-core i7/8GB/256GB-Flash, EMC 2673
  • ME665xx/A 15.4"/2.7 Quad-core i7/16GB/512GB-Flash, EMC 2673

I have two MacBook Pro model listed above.

The 8 GB systems display is broken, all parts are in good condition and 16 GB MacBook has some issues like touchpad clicking, right side speaker blown, lower battery performance.

I want to replace 16 GB systems parts with 8 GB systems that are good.

Is it possible to replace these 16GB MacBook damage parts with 8GB MacBook?

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Your systems's specs: EMC 2673 Systems


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Sometimes you need to look at what is easier to replace moving all of the little parts over or just moving the two larger parts.

In this case it might be wise just swapping out the logic board and the display over.

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just swapping out the logic board and the display over this is a great idea.


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Yes it is possible to change parts like battery trackpad screen.

MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display Early 2013 Repair guides

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If the parts have the same model number yes. If they dont I wouldn't risk it but if you want to give it a shot its worth a shot

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