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Model A1369, 1.6, 1.7, or 1.8 GHz Processor, 64, 128 or 256GB Flash Storage

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Help me please! Do I have a bad LCD cable or LCD itself?

My wife's MacBook Air (A1369) sometimes has a bluish or purple tint to the LCD, often when opening the lid, temporary but obviously not right. It has always gone away, but in my experience these things don't usually get better.

Does that sound like a bad LCD cable or LCD?

Maybe something else entirely? Cables are available, but getting inside these lids is a challenge. I had a bad time with an A1304 LCD and bezel. Any known links to cable replacement?

Thanks for your thoughts! Doug

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The tint you see is the backlight turning on before the LCD has. This is not a problem just a symptom of a system which needs a bit of firmware and/or OS maintenance.

If you have still have Mountain Lion (OS-X 10.9.x or older) I would encourage you to upgrade to one of the newer OS's. This system can support El Capitan 10.11.x or Sierra 10.12.x both have firmware updaters built-in to get you to the very latest firmware for your system.

I would make a good backup before upgrading and if you can I would wipe the drive down then do the upgrade so all of the old junk is fully removed. It thats not practical you may want to clean out the old cache & log files using an app like this: Disk Doctor. Lastly, try to empty off 1/3 of the drive if you have a 128 or 256 GB SSD if you have a 512 GB drive you only need to reserve 1/4 of the drive. You need this space due to the limit of RAM this system has as well as have available space for drive wear smoothing.

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Thanks for your thoughts. I am not sure I described the symptoms properly; the LCD is showing all the information, but the overall background color of the display is altered. What should be white is bluish or purplish, although the overall screen image is complete. Is that what you would call the backlight coming on without the LCD?

I don't mind upgrading the OS from ElCapitan, and will post if it works out.

Thanks again.



You may want to check the displays color setting within the Display control panel of you have a purple tint after the system has booted up.

How about posting a good picture of the display here for us to see. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words ;-}

You may need to use a neutral grey background behind the system to off set the cameras exposure if you are in a dark room or have dark walls.


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