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Marshall Stockwell Bluetooth speaker

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How to open. Help

Сould you please advise me on following matter.

I live in Singapore and recently purchased original Marshall stockwell (no warranty though). One of the speakers seems to be faulty as some rattling sound comes out of it...

At a Service center I was told they could repair the speaker, but they are not sure how to open this particular model.

Would you be so kind to provide me with instructions on how to open this type of speaker without damaging it?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards Anna

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It took some time, patience, and determination, but I figured it out.

Gently remove the Front Grill by lifting the outer trim (gold) from the Mesh only at the top. This will allow a small tool to be used to lift the Mesh from the seal. Don't separate the Trim, Mesh, and Seal completely from each other, but lift the entire Front Grill out.

This will expose the interior speakers and mounting screws. There are 4 (one in each corner) held in by 3 screws each. These don't need to be removed, yet. The other 17 screws must be removed to release the back cover and fully expose the main circuit board.

I hope this helps...

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