Clutch is slipping ... how do you repair or adjust?

I have a 1997 Suzuki Intruder 800 cc that has been sitting for a couple of years and when I started it up after changing oil and filter, clean spartplugs, etc. it has the clutch slipping when I ride it. This is a hydraulic system. How do you adjust or repair the clutch?

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@markpa28r , Mark A Murphy, You did use a good quality recommended grade motorcycle oil I hope if not change it right away. Bike clutches will sometimes slip after long storage because the plates go dry and can glaze over a bit. Give it a good run city/highway careful in 1st, try not to slip, go easy and see if doesn't come back or another trick I heard of was to over fill the oil to flood the clutch plates a few days then drain oil to correct level and try. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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@markpa28r Hope you didnt use car motor oil in your bike . The shear stability of car oil is not good enough for the gearbox of a bike and its wet clutch system . it will work for a while but then as the velocity of the oil breaks down your clutch will suffer and die . It costs more but is defiantly worth the money to always use a good quality motorcycle oil . Next before replacing your clutch put the bike on the center kick and get the rear tire off the ground wieght the front end so the rear tire stays in the air then put the bike in gear and run it at an idle for a while then try giving it short bursts of power and watch for slippage as the clutches work in the new oil the clutch should improve. If this brings no joy and your clutch still slips heres a video to show the steps to changing out the clutch

is still uncertain there are hundreds of other youtube videos to watch on the subject . Hope this helps

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@jimfixer , Good vid!


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@markpa28r as clutch components wear, the fluid level in the reservoir will be lower as it automatically adjusts for wear. There is no routine adjustment necessary nor possible. Here is the part of the manual that deals with the clutch of your Intruder Intruder Clutch

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I had the same issue on my Intruder - after some 10-15 min ride clutch started gradually slip to a point shifting gear does not bring any effect, but bike stays as on idle...

Change of clutch brought no improvement...

Problem was - the pump on the handle bar: a very tiny (hardly noticeable) channel/hole for reverse of liquid was clogged not allowing the liquid to flow back which causes as if the clutch paddle is constantly retracted...

Hope this helps.

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