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iPhone Screen is not Working

I recently dropped my iphone in water. At first it seemed fine. Several hours later a small "discoloration" appeared in the top right of the screen. Woke up this morning to my alarm going off (from my phone) but the screen does absolutely nothing. Completely black. The phone appears to still work as the alarm still went off, but I can do nothing with it. I currently have it covered in rice.

Thoughts on what to do? Is the phone salvageable?


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Sorry but rice won't help. Opening it and cleaning up as Ged has suggested as soon as possible will.


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Hi Michael,

The worst thing you could've done was left it.

If it's a DIY solution you're looking for, then open your device, take out the logic board, and clean the logic board with 99.99% isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush, and then bathe the logic board in a tub of isopropyl alcohol, make sure to clean all the parts and connectors in the housing to, such as charging port and battery connector etc.

Then you have to wait a few hours for everything to dry.

Reassemble and test.

If not, take it to a shop that deals in liquid damage and uses ultrasonic cleaning to clean up liquid damage. :-)

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Once a phone gets wet we focus on saving the data and not saving the device. Too many things can still fail on the phone after a liquid damage repair is done. Because of that we focus on saving the data on the phone.

We will first take the logic board out of the phone and put it through an Ultrasonic Bath which makes connections work again that would not work for any other reason. We will then inspect the board under a microscope looking for burns or obvious problems.

We then find those problem components on the schematic to learn what that component does. Then we carefully heat and remove the old components and clean the area to get it ready to take the new component. We will solder the components into place in order to get the phone to give up its data.

Often we can get the phone working just long enough to grab the data or make a backup.

It is a pretty difficult repair and it is not always successful.

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Totally agree with the other answers however it sounds like the screen is shot so you may want to order a new screen assembly meaning it comes with the camera and thermal shield installed and a new battery. A wet battery is a disaster waiting to happen so I would say follow the other answer and order a new screen assembly/battery.

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