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Repair guides and support information for EVGA tablets.

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How do I fix my rca tablet when water leaks out

Water leaking out of my sisters tablet and I wanna know what to do

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Hi, What is the model number of the tablet?

DO NOT attempt to turn it on. Initially let any excess water drain out and wipe it dry.

When the model number is known will get back to you with detailed instructions.

Don't delay!


Ri'Ania Strickland-Hutton , if you reply with the info. requested by jayeff, I am sure he can help your cause.


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If it is an RCA then chances are you can replace it for less money than it would cost to repair it.

You can take it for a professional repair which means they would take the logic board out and put it through a Ultrasonic Bath and then inspect it under a microscope looking for burns or obvious problems.

Some microsoldering may be required if burned components are found.

This type of repair takes a highly skilled tech and the cost is usually pretty costly.

My shop will only take liquid damaged devices in for repair if the data on the device is what they want to save. We dont repair the device for the devices sake.

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