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Guides for the LTE version of the iPad Mini 4—model A1550. Announced on September 9, 2015, the iPad Mini 4 is the successor to the iPad Mini 3.

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iPad mini constantly reboots, battery replacement didn't fix

The device no longer boots on its own, and when I plug it in all I get is the Apple logo for 5-10 seconds, black screen, and the Apple logo again in a never ending loop. I figured the battery was dead and so I replaced it myself. However, even after the battery replacement, the issue still remains. Any ideas?

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Your problem could be related to a defective charging circuit. Do you use a genuine Apple charger and Lightning cable? Low quality copies of those can pass large voltage spikes that can damage the charging circuit.

You could also have a defective replacement battery as there are many shoddy suppliers out there. iFixit sells good quality batteries. Ideally, you want to try known-good replacement parts. That is quite difficult for individual fixers though.

There could be other issues as well and I would encourage you to try to do a hard reset (Home Button & Power Button for 10 secs) or even a DFU Restore (data loss though).

If you do have a logic board problem, then I would advise you to seek a micro-soldering repair shop so that they can troubleshoot and repair.

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I've used nothing but genuine Apple charges, and occasionally an MFI certified Monoprice cable with Apple power bricks. I've tried the hard reset and DFU restore, but my Mac and the Macs at the Genius Bar had no luck establishing a connection to complete a restore.

The battery replacement was from iFixit, so I hope it was in good shape, but I don't have the equipment to test it outside of the defective iPad.

Do you have any idea what a micro-soldering repair shop would charge?


Hi Chris. Solicitation is not encouraged on this forum so I can't give you pricing. You can click on my profile for a link to my website, which has pricing and a contact form if you want to discuss with me directly.

Based on your additional comments, you likely have a Tristar problem (communicates with the charging brick). These are not terribly expensive but that's all a matter of perspective ;>).


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