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CD skips, recovers, skips, after about half played.

The CD player on my Bose AWR3P has developed a habit of skipping, or hesitating, starting about half-way through a CD.

Laser lens has been cleaned, no change to performance. I suspect I need to replace the laser unit, but I'm open to other suggestions as well as what the laser unit is (Sanyo?) and how to replace it.

I've fixed Playstation and WII laser problems, so I'm reasonably competent...

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Hi, Just wondering if it is easier just to replace the CD drive. Have you tried searching online, using the info on the drive itself to see how much they are?

If the price is reasonable it should just be a matter of exchanging the entire unit and perhaps placing the front bezel onto the replacement drive.

Just a thought

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Have you opened it up to see if there is a dust kitty jamming the head or junk on the guide rails?

Unlike play stations its just easier to replace the complete player unit.

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Not opened it yet (wondering how, for one) , and agree it could well be crud on the drive shaft or rails, as it plays OK (sometimes) a ways after the half-way point. I've gently pushed the head along the shafts a few timews to see if it made any difference; nothing noticeable in the way of improvement.


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