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Repair information for the 4th generation iPad. Released November 2, 2012. Model numbers: A1458, A1459, and A1460.

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Bottom part of digizer not working also charge issue

Customer brought in an Ipad 4, another shop just "repaired" it, screen wasn't sealed properly, bottom half of digitizer would not working and it won't charge. Installed a new battery, charge port and new digtizer. Same issue. Still not charging unless you reboot the device then it recognizes a charger is plugged in. Bottom half of digiziter does not work, made sure it was pushed all the way in. Did a hard reboot and reset settings

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Usually if a known good digitizer does not solve your partial touch issues, then one or both the digitizer connectors on the board are damaged.

As for the charging issue, you'll need to trouble shoot the charging circuit, but I've seen one working for a very long time now, that only recognizes chargers if you reboot them with one plugged in, then it will take a charge normally, and you can disconnect then reconnect the charger, it will remain operational. If you'd reboot without the charger, then it doesn't work.

We left it as is and it is still going strong :)

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