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Model A1419 / EMC 2806 / Late 2014 or Mid 2015. 3.3 or 3.5 GHz Core i5 or 4.0 GHz Core i7 (ID iMac15,1); EMC 2834 late 2015 / 3.3 or 3.5 GHz Core i5 or 4.0 GHz Core i7 (iMac17,1) All with Retina 5K displays

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Add second internal Hard Disk (7200 RPM)

I have a new iMac 27" Retina 5k Display bought at the end of the 2016.

I chose the model with the SSD inside.

I want to put a second internal Hard Disk (7200 RPM) into the iMac so i saw the ifixit guide. Although the guide is very well done and detailed i cannot understand what kind of supports i need to fix the new HD into the iMac, what kind of cables i need to make it working and what other stuff i have to buy to do it.


Answer this question I have this problem too

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The correct guide is this one: iMac Intel 27" Retina 5K Display Hard Drive Replacement. In this case you're adding the 3.5" or 2.5" SATA drive (HD or SSD).

You'll need the proper tools to open the system as the display is glued and you'll need a set of new tape strips: iMac Intel 27" (EMC 2546, 2639, 2806) Adhesive Strips.

I must warn you: You need to follow the IFIXIT guide to the letter! As it's not hard to damage the display just in taking it off. Take your time and don't force things. Having to replace the display would be a costly mistake.

You will need the power/data able unit: iMac Intel 27" 5K (Late 2014-Mid 2015) Hard Drive Cable as your system won't have it. In addition you'll need this in-line thermal sensor: OWC - In-line Digital Thermal Sensor for Hard Drive Upgrade for 27" iMacs 2012 and Later, as well as your HD or SSD drive you are planing on using as well as four stud screws to hold the drive to the frame. Hard drive pins - Apple P/N: 922-7001

If you are thinking on using a 2.5" SSD drive you'll need an adapter frame like this one: OWC - 2.5" to 3.5" Drive Adapter Bracket

Imagem de iMac Intel 27" 5K (Late 2014-Mid 2015) Hard Drive Cable


iMac Intel 27" 5K (Late 2014-Mid 2015) Hard Drive Cable


Imagem de iMac Intel 27" (2012-2019) Adhesive Strips


iMac Intel 27" (2012-2019) Adhesive Strips


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Here are the things u need and guide in how to do it!

How to Install a 2.5-inch SSD in a 27-inch iMac Mid 2011 (Updated)

OWC Complete Hard Drive Upgrade Kit Including Tools for all 27" iMacs 2011

The last is sold on Amazon! Good luck

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Opps! This won't help you as the system you have is a newer 'Thin Series' 2012 and newer. This guide and product is for the older 2011 iMac which is very different.


So then please put up an updated version/video showing the difference


The guide I posted above outlines the steps better than any video. Here's one that shows someone swapping out the HD for a SSD: Apple 27 Inch Imac Retina 5K Replacing HDD for SSD Installation Video If you compare your vid to this one you'll see there is a big difference just in taking off the screen.

I prefer using a bare frame than the adapaframe as it adds a second interface needlessly, besides you'll have a bit more room with the frame I pointed to if you go that route.


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