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Third generation of iPad, featuring 4G capabilities, released on March 16, 2012. Model number A1430. Repairs require heat and careful prying.

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iPad goes dead after headphone jack replacement.

Hello everybody

I have very strange issue with iPad 3.

I replace the headphone jack, switch on the iPad all looks good all working. I left the iPad to charge and when I get back to it it was dead.

I try to switch it on using the power button and it didn't work. Then I switch it on by pressing the power button and the home button together.

The problem is that every time you leave the iPad alone and you go to it in some time the screen is black and the iPad is unresponsive. Every time I have to switch it on by the combination of power and home button.

The question is anybody know what may have gone wrong?

(I used genuine part taking out from another iPad)

I appreciate your help.

Thank you

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Anybody any ideas? Please help


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First question is: Is the iPad realy dead, or is the LCD blank. Connect the iPad to a computer using an original USB cable and check iff iTunes connects to it.

Please let me know ....

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Hi Brenda

The LCD is fine, the iPad switch on only if I press home button and power button together, works for little bit and they switch off again.

If I want to switch it on again I have to do it with the combination of the buttons again.


Okay, try the following:

disconnect any flex cable not essential for powering up the ipad. So disconnect the headphone flex cable, camera etc.

Just leave the power flex cable in, as you need a means to start the iPad.

Than connect a charger to the ipad so it starts. (make sure you powered it down like always, not so you need a hard reset ! It might not start.

Iff it starts than see what happens. Does it stay on? Iff so, than you know the error is within a flex cable you disconnected, trial and error for you to find it.

Iff it still goes dead after a while you know something is wrong with the motherboard. Check it visualy for missing parts (you can find a lot of high res pictures online) so.

Pry damage probably.

Iff you cant find any, take it to a soldering specialist and ask him to check the motherboard. It could even be a faulty power IC.

Last thing that jumped in my mind. Do test with the battery fully charged. Iff you are dealling with a faulty battery it normaly wont die at 100%


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