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What May Be Causing iPhone to Not Stay On?

I got an iPhone 5 from a friend, and it has one small issue. It has a dent on the back, which is right about where the battery connector would be, but not over the battery itself. Though this big dent is over the logic board, the phone still powers on when you hold the power button or plug it in, but it will shut down after about 3 seconds of being powered on. If you plug the phone in, you see the Apple logo for three seconds, it goes black, then the cycle starts over. I'm going to open the phone and make sure the battery connection still looks sound, but I'd appreciate any suggestions on what to fix or what could be going wrong. Thanks!

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1- Bad battery. Get one from iFixit. If you cheap out you'll be back to square one very very soon. DON'T pry against the board to remove this or any battery.

2- Battery disconnected.

3- Missing or bad gas gauge (tiny filter located between the battery connector and the metal shield next to that connector).

4- Corrupted software and DFU restore requires to fix it.

5- ALL OF THE ABOVE - yes sometimes it can.

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Okay. I can get an iFixit battery if I need to, but first I'll try DFU mode and reconnecting the battery on the logic board.


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