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Model A1225 / Early 2009 / 2.66, 2.93, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Why is OS X 10.10 randomly crashing?

Hello Friends!

I recently purchased this computer from a close friend who completely wiped the iMac and installed Yosemite 10.10.3. (This computer is solely used for Logic Pro X with PreSonus Firepod 10)

I installed Logic Pro X and everything worked fine for a couple hours.

Shortly after that I installed a driver for Native Instruments Maschine and the problems started.

The computer would become unresponsive for a second, the screen would flash and it would shut down (although the fan continued to run). I would do a SMC reset along with zapping the PRAM. I end up on the "Your computer restarted because of a problem".

The problem continued so I updated to 10.10.5.

For about 8 days the computer worked perfectly and I thought the problem was solved with the update.

I was wrong.

About twice a day the computer will restart by itself and I end up on the "Your computer restarted because of a problem".

I am lost and have no clue what to do.

Thanks in advance!


Update (02/03/2017)

Hi Dan,

I downgraded and am now on Mavericks. It worked well for about a week and the same thing started happening. I did a clean install and everything has been fine since but I know it is going to happen again. I read that I needed to install Nvidia drivers but I can't find one comparable for iMac 9'1.

Here is my Etrecheck: Etrecheck

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The needed drivers are part of the OS for the standard GPU's Apple ships. There are no additional drivers available.

How about posting the crash file so we can see whats happening. Please crate a answer and paste the file in like I did for your Etrecheck PDF file

Did you run the buit-in diagnostics? D at boot up? Did if report a failure?


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OS crashes often relate to apps misbehaving. I would start off clearing the crash log so all of the old stuff is removed. Then the next couple of times it crashes save the log so you can send it to Apple as well as see what is going on. I would make sure all of the updates for the OS & all of the apps have been applied. I would also remove anything I didn't need from startup and Login Items in the User account.

You might want to boot up your system on an external bootable drive so you can run Disk Utilities on your internal drive. I would also recommend running the built-in diagnostics so see if something shows up their. To do that, when you start your system after the bong press the D key.

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Thanks Dan.

I will try that before updating the OS like Jake mentioned.

How do you go about clearing the crash log?

All of the updates have been applied to the OS and Apps.


I have that panic report if that helps.


Here's a useful tool which makes clearing out the caches & logs easy: Disk Doctor

If this was your old one its just to big to work with as it likely has everything from day one. Best to clean out the old stuff and wait for the next couple of crashes. Don't forget to simplify things getting rid of the un-needed stuff that is starting up.

When you do get a good output attach the TXT file within an answer using the file attach option from the menu (right icon of the seven)


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Go to Applications --> Utilities, and launch the Console App. Find the date and time it crashed, and post the text around that date/time. This information is helpful in deciphering what is wrong.

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Have you tried updating to El Capitan? Maybe you could update your driver? Before doing either of these things, you should make a Time Machine backup.

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Thanks Jake, I haven't tried that yet. I will definitely make a Time Machine backup before doing so.


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