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Toshiba Satellite C75D Notebook. Part of Toshiba's "budget conscious" C-series of laptops, released in 2013.

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My screen has a line of dots horizontal?

I've got white and red dots horizontal a little more than half way up the screen and it keeps jumping, what can I do?

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Try connecting an external monitor to see if it appears on its' screen as well.

If it doesn't then you have a problem with either the video flex cable between the motherboard and the LCD screen, the connections at either end of the video flex cable or the LCD screen itself.

If it does then you either have a problem with the GPU or the motherboard.

Here is a link to a video which shows how to replace the LCD screen in a Toshiba C75D laptop.


Once you have determined if the problem is the LCD screen itself, just search online for Toshiba C75D LCD screen replacement part to get suppliers. Ensure that you get the correct part for your particular model. Normally the part number should be printed on the back of the LCD panel. If you search online using just the number and nothing else you should also get results of suppliers.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Thank you. I will see what happens


on careful observation if you look at your screen height start gradually reducing the screen height you will find that you will have to reduce the screen height by approx 2 cm to level the webpage screen to fit the screen from the bottom to the top if this if your issue then welcome to the club once this is accomplished your webpage should be ok but the horizontal still will remain even though you reload updated drivers for the display question what could cause this to happen with the display ie display itself or the interconnecting cable if cable is movement a cause if not then the display itself but a workaround is in the comment or is it worth it to replace the display or something on the motherboard itself entertain any comment in return


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