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Compass not working (orientation also) after water damage


Yesterday my phone was taken out in heavy rain and a fair amount found its way in.

After taking it apart, and loosening some contacts, I found water under the screen connectors, battery connectors, etc, so I dried them out with QTips covered in isopropyl, and using a hairdryer.

At this point, it works fine, however the compass no longer functions. I took it all apart, cleaned some contacts with isopropyl but compass is stuck on 4 degrees and rotation is stuck on landscape. The battery drains suspiciously quick now. This does all point to a short somewhere? Based on that I am hoping that dunking the logic board in isopropyl may help but that would only be possible once I got home, which is in 6 hours from now.... that would make it a full 24 hours since it being submerged so I'm not quite sure about the chances of survival.

It has been on since then too so I fear I may have made it worse...

Any ideas as to what I can do? Could it be the gyroscope chip that is still moist, or damage to the M8 coprocessor

Many thanks

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It may be too late now...

It is always best to keep it powered off until everything has been properly cleaned. You took the right approach but you should have submerged the entire logic board in IPA to displace the water. Most of the board is covered in shields so you can't really see where the water is. A professional shop will remove the shields and clean the board in an ultrasonic bath with specialized chemicals, not just IPA.

You could look for a shop that does water damage and micro-soldering repair to troubleshoot your problem.

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I guess.... I was afraid of turning off because I work a delivery job (Deliveroo) and didn't want to run in to any problems for not completing the job.

Now after I've put it back together there is no signal too..... even though it worked before I completely removed the motherboard and the lower shield... not sure what I can do, maybe I used the wrong screws in the wrong places


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