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A washer series by Maytag with a low rate of customer satisfaction and a high rate of failure. These washers have the model numbers MVWB300xxx or MVWX300xxx.

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Why won't it go to the wash cycle?

It go's from fill cycle to spin cycle?

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it will fill and never to to wash or behond


I will need to pay the Lid Switch tomorrow, install before I know.


I have a washer that will lock and fill but not go into wash cycle it will drain and spin or rinse and spin but does not go into wash cycle what can i do to fix it?


My maytag washer will add water but never fill up. When I change to a drain and spin and an extra rinse it fills up.


My Maytag Bravo Top Load washer. That i bought on Jan 2019 is already giving me problems.

The wash cycle does not start.

It fills, drains and spins if i put it on any other cycle but wont wash.

Help please!



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This can be several different things:

The lid switch is the most likely part to fail in this circumstance. However, this is only the most likely and there may be another part at fault. Here is a short list of ALL the parts in your top load washer that may have failed (and caused your particular problem) in alphabetical order…

Cycle Selector Switch – The cycle selector switch controls the speed of the motor and if it goes bad it can stop the motor from operating.

Drive Belt – If the belt falls off or becomes worn the transmission will not turn and the machine will not agitate. The machine will make a humming noise as the motor will be running.

Drive Motor – This motor turns the agitator and drum to wash your clothing. If it goes bad the machine will not agitate.

Lid Switch – The lid switch makes it so if the lid is opened, the machine will not run. A bad lid switch will make it so power cannot get to the drive motor.

Timer – The timer supplies power to turn the motor. If the timer is defective, the motor will not turn therefore no washer agitation.

Water Level Switch – The water level switch (aka Pressure Switch) controls the water level. If defective the motor may not receive power.

These are the most likely parts that may have failed due to the issue we have explained above. Use safety precautions when doing any type of maintenance checks on your washer.

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I have a maytag bravos also it will not go to the wash cycle, it does add water, scenes, nothing after that, but it does agatate on the rinse and does spin on that cycle.

any suggestions.


my washer fills and goes to wash cycle but will not lock and go through the wash cycle


bernie sounds like a lid lock issue


I have a maytag washer that fills up, it skips the wash cycle, and lets back out the water.


I have a maytag bravos mct that does everything till it's time to spin clothes..starts to spin then kicks out and!!


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