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No sound COMING from my tablet

THERE'S NO sound COMING from my tablet

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my sound not working


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@glover891, Erica l garrett, If device is newer return for warranty. Check if device is muted maybe, recheck all volume settings, try rebooting the device. If still not working possible a physical issue with the speaker and may need repair internally. You can try a factory reset to defaults, but this will wipe all the data on the tablet and will be like when received new. Below find a few trouble shooting forum links. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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I had yesterday the same problem with my RCA CAMBIO Windows 10. I researched what other ppl have done. Nobody had the answer. I was going to reset my tablet, but before I did the following:

1) I checked in CONTROL PANEL, if any device had a conflict. (yes, there was an unknown device). I Uninstalled it.

2) In Ctrl Panel the Bluetooth had many devices, I disable them.

3) I deleted my device in was good and not

4) After deleting my device in sound, I thought that if I checked for new devices the Windows will reinstall any new devices........No! It installed again the device with conflict......

5) What i did is to installed devices in Control Panel -> Device manager -> Install legal SW (software)

6) I installed first driver from Intel Speaker (Even though mine was Realtek as I have seen, but my hubby RCA Cambio had Intel).

7) It didn't function. Then I downloaded the Realtek drivers and installed them through step 5)

8) After that in my Control Panel Audio Devices appeared intel and Realtek devices

9) I didn't get a sound in that moment....But

10) I check the Sound Icon in the left bottom corner of my table, Selected the playback device and there appeared 2 of them. I selected Speakers (Intel SST AudioDevice (WDM)).....AND NOW MY TABLET HAS SOUND.

Hope my experience is of any help for you!

p.s. The problem happened after updating windows 10

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Only sound when I use headphones


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I found the answer to be far easier than that.

Following Meylyn’s advice, I went into Device Manager and found the unknown device. Rather than uninstall it, I selected “install drivers,” allowed Microsoft to search for the drivers, it found a Realtek audio codec, and now I have sound again.

Hope that helps!

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