My games PSP 2000 all disappeared after the update of 6.61 update

I just got my psp for like a month from my elder sister's boyfriend

but then an message shows up that says i need to update the PSP to 6.61

then i do it. After 1 hour the PSP updated then i check the games but....

The games are all disappeared idk why it does that. i'm been searching google and youtube to see how to get them back but... i don't have a usb so what do i do?!?!?!

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Probably the PSP was firmware modded. Which had the PSP games stored on the memory card.

The games are probably still stored there but the PSP will not allow booting those games off the memory card.


But they worked before i updated the PSP. The games are just Gran Turismo GTA VC Stories and a japanese fighting game


And the fast recovery doesn't work either. When ever i want to use it. It shut the PSP off. Before the PSP shut down the Internet light was light up for 1 second


This is what happened to me to, i cant open the recovery either


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