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Vertical colored lines block out large portion of the screen (LCD)

I have an iBook G4 12" (actually my daughter's). Sometimes 80% of the screen gets blocked out by thick vertical lines. Applying pressure along the top of the LCD will sometimes get it to clear up. The problem doesn't seem to be related to temperature. Waking from sleep after coming out of her cold car, it immediately shows the lines.

I don't have the external monitor cable for this model so I can't test it with an external monitor.

I'm guessing it must be a loose connection or bad LCD panel. Before I go buying a new panel, does anyone have any experience with this symptom.


Glen Meiring

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I took the cover off the back of LCD and noticed there is a thin control board across the top of the LCD. That control board lines up with where we press to make the lines go away.

So, I suppose we need a new control board or whole new LCD. Any thoughts?



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If you say that pressing on the control board on the LCD assembly helps, then I would recommend replacing the whole LCD. It is extremely hard to find a control board (if you can at all) and MUCH easier to just buy a new LCD. You can go out and buy either a G3 or G4 LCD, they are they same and the G3 one might end up costing you less money. Hope this helps!

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What if I buy a system with a shattered display. Do you suppose I can remove the control board on the back of the LCD?


Don't try to open the LCD panel to swap parts. It's sealed to avoid dust coming inside. Find a working used iBook G3/G4 12" LCD panel and swap it in the display assy. If you want less trouble buy a used 1.33 ibook G4 12" display assy and only swap the complete display.


Here's my iBook screen replacement video tutorial:

In my opinion popping the back of the screen casing and replacing the screen itself is far easier than replacing the complete display assembly and hinge.


Yea, it literally took less than 5 minutes to remove a couple screws and pop the cover off using a guitar pick. Probably much easier to replace the LCD itself rather than the whole assembly.

I'll look for an whole LCD (not just the control board). I hate to admit, it drives me nuts to pitch the whole LCD just because of the little board is bad.

Thanks folks.


I bought another iBook with a good screen. I installed the new screen but have a problem. Now the computer only shows a grey screen. I hear the chime, but only a grey screen, no Apple image or graphics. I don't have a VGA adapter, so I can't try an external monitor.

It sounds like it's booting up. The display backlight even goes to sleep, and then wakes up again if I hit a key.

I reinstalled the original LCD, and it only shows the grey screen too.

Any ideas?

Additional note: the computer was brought in from the cold and accidentally turned on for a minute. Any chance of condensation damage?


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I know it's WAY late, but maybe someone will find this handy... If you take the backing off the display (4 small screws hold it in place), you'll see a piece of silver tape on the back of the LCD.. Peel that back, and you'll see a connector (plug). This is probably loose -- just wiggle the connector in and it should work like a charm.

Had the same issue after a drop and gave up for years, then recently decided to mess around with it and totally fixed it!

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