Front camera blurry and light leak from top corner after screen repair

I just repaired an iPhone 6 and used an iFixit front panel full assembly, screen worked fine however in the dark I noticed heavy light leak from the edges and also the front camera was blurry. Any suggestions as to a cause of this problem? And what is the recommended solution?


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Blurry front camera. Clean front camera lens and glass cover.


is the frame bent regarding the light leak?


No, the frame is not bent at all.


I get the same light leakage from beside the volume buttons nearly every time, I've tried checking for bends in the frame, I even used new frames and OEM parts but it still happens. Am I doing something wrong?


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iPhone 6 has a very soft frame and I myself have fixed hundreds of them and see maybe... 1 of 20-25 with a straight housing. It wouldn't be the assembly so check again for that micro bend at the top, from a side view. Or even place the device, screen side down on a flat surface and tap a corner one by one to see.

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