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Wrong size pentalobe screw holes in my iPhone 6 screen assembly?

So I purchased the iFixit iPhone 6 LCD Screen Assembly for replacement of my cracked screen.

Installation went well, but oddly enough, at the end when I tried to rescrew the pentalobe screws around the Lightning port, they fell into the holes with no resistance and just spun in place.

I assumed the holes weren't lined up, so I kept trying to adjust the screen to no avail.

Then I thought I'd try just putting the screws right in the brackets attached to the screen without the case in between. The screws fell right in without resistance, they were too small.

On the original (now broken) screen, the screws fit fine.

Is it possible the assembly would have the wrong size screw holes on that bracket? Do I need new screws? Any help is much appreciated!

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It sounds to me like you got a poor quality replacement screen. Contact iFixit Support to RMA that screen.

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Yeah, that's what I was afraid of. Glad to hear my thoughts were confirmed!


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