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How to test if the Tristar has failed or the battery

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just thought i would share with you a simple way to test if your charging fault is (board related) or (battery related) this test is simple and accurate.

start the phone and open up a app or menu to activate the wake up

now unplug the battery.

if the phone stays on then the tristar high speed switch is good as its switched to main voltage through the charger. the fault will then be in the battery.

if it powers off then the fault is in the tristar.

for fake charging the tigris ic will be the cause.

happy repairing

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Interesting info! You can also use an ammeter or something like the Kaisi battery activator ($20 unit with some other benefits for repair techs) to determine if the Amp draw through the lightning port is within normal range. I'm a bit hesitant personally of unplugging the battery while sending a charge through the lightning port. It maybe safe, but it seems like there is potential to cause issues due to how touchy the Tristar is to voltage irregularities in the first place.

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i just purchased and am not sure how to test and see if my battery is good any idea? i put the battery on tester but nothing happened until i plugged it into the power source. Is the battery bad or just dormant?


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check this out


it works without taking apart your phone

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