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HD action camera with touchscreen LCD, released October 5, 2014.

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Top "capture" button doesn't push down - stuck, GoPro Hero 4 Silver

Hello - I have a Hero 4 Silver and there's something wrong with the top "capture" button...

when its not in the case, you can't push the top button down, but if you barely touch it, it will snap a picture

when the camera is in the case, i can't take any picture - the button doesnt move

the button seems stuck but its super sensitive when outside of the case - kinda weird

does anyone have any ideas? GoPro doesnt fix camera's evidently only offer discounts to but a new one, which i dont want to do.

Thanks in advance!!

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I just got one back because the one I had almost started on fire. Was exactly a year old. They replaced it with one that has the same problem as yours. Maybe I got your old one. I'm thinking of getting away from GoPros.

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