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The Motorola Razr V3c is a CDMA2000 version of the Razr.

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#7 on key pad is very intermittent (3%)

#7 on keypad hardly ever connects. Verizon sprayed a cleaning product on the external keys. The key "clicks" but rarely makes contact. I like the phone. Repair shops quote $40 to replace the entire keypad.

Thanks for any input.


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maybe try taking the plastic frontage off the keyboard and layering a tiny bit of tinfoil underneath it, so the contact has something to touch?

I've done this with other types of buttons before, I believe it might work for you. it's worth a shot, anyway.

hope that helps!

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Thank you!. Now I try then I tell you


I would use the guide to remove the keypad and would clean the contacts under the adhesive that holds the half button - i never yould use something that could shorten anything inside a phone


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