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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is 7.2 cu. ft. capacity electric dryer by Kenmore.

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Dryer turns off almost evry 2-5 min. Restart multiple times each load

All my appliances just get over 10 years now so one by one dye out on me. My dryer has this problem for about 2 years now, but it still working and I have a feeling that it's just something minor. That's why I'm on here try to see if I can fix it. It basically turns off too soon before the cycle usually ended. We have to restart it almost every 2-5 mins. The first start seems to last longer, but as it goes, it turns off quicker. Each load we (literally) have to restart more than dozen of time. every time it turns off, the "El" keep on blinking. Hope someone can help!? BTW, it's a GAS dryer Kenmore Elite HE3. Model number 110.92826101

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Thank you for your prompt answer. I just ordered the part Thermistor. I thought, even though it isn't the cause, but I may as well change the the Thermal Fuse since I'm going to open up the dryer anyway. I would like to include this link for anyone here has the same problem as I do (Kenmore Elite HE3 turns off early and displays E1):


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tracythuydo E1 is a Thermistor error. First disconnect the power. Then remove the lint filter screen. Remove the two screws from the bottom flange of the toe kick panel. Pull the toe kick panel out at the bottom, pull down, and remove the panel. Remove the screw from the lint duct bracket and remove the bracket. Remove the two screws from the lint duct and remove the duct. You'll find the white thermal fuse on your blower wheel housing, right beside it is the thermistor. Replacing it should eliminate E1. The Whirlpool part number is 8577274 and in the attached image the part is located at position 42

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