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The Kindle 4 has 4 models released September 28,2011.

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My kindle crashes constantly after water damage.

My kindle crashes and when I opened it shows signs of water damage, although it works for short periods of time, also I've noticed the wifi doesn't seem to be working.

Since it works for short periods of time, I'm wondering if it's overheating at all, and in which case, is there a heat sink I can get to re apply thermal paste to keep temperatures down?

Is there anything that can be done with this one or is it a lost cause?

It wasn't working at all until I opened it up and cleaned it as best I could.

At least it is now switching on and restarting.

If I can just get the board out I can probably give it a good clean.

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@sir_bacharach , Rob, You will want to disassemble the device and clean all connections thoroughly as outlined in the 1st link, guide for repairing devices with water damage. You may want to consider replacing the battery while you are at it, as batteries do not hold up well after water damage and may become a hazzard. Other links below show tear down of the Kindle 4, which will get you inside to properly dry out and clean corrosion/water damage. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Electronics Water Damage

Kindle 4 Screen Replacement

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Thank you, the Wifi doesn't seem to work either, so I've decided to just buy a full replacement off ebay, it wasn't too expensive and by the time I'd bought a replacement motherboard, I'd have spent almost as much. I suspect that the water has gotten under the chipset covers if that's what they are on the motherboard, the 3 shiny silver covers that are soldered to the board.


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