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The fourth generation Volkswagen Jetta, also called the MK4 or the Bora, is Volkswagen's family sedan.

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Why is my windshield wipers not working on my 1999 vw jetta?

i will turn them on and they will not move.

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Have you checked that the fuse is OK? Try fuse #24

See images for location. Click on images to enlarge for better viewing.

Block Image

Block Image

If the fuse is faulty, be aware that there is always a reason that a fuse blows. It may be fatigue, where the fuse breaks due to vibration over a long period of time, but if there is not much of the fuse left (or if a replacement fuse blows when you operate the wiper switch) then most likely there is a fault in the equipment that it supplies (in your case the wiper motor or even the washer pump, as it supplies both) causing excessive current to flow through the fuse and burn it out.

If the fuse is OK you need to find out if power is being supplied to the wiper motor (or washer pump) when the switch is operated and if not trace it back from the motor (or pump) to the appropriate switch.

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There's sound coming from the arms of the wipers . As if there trying to move. When I turn the wipers on in side car everything works and connected that's how I heard a sound from under the hood buy the wiper motor. So what do I do now this is my 1car and was given to me recently and is a fixer upper. Can u help . Thank you


Hi @Roxanne Sanchez

You may have to check that the wiper linkages that connect the wiper motor to the wiper blades are OK.

Here's a 2002 VW Jetta wiper linkage replacement video that may help.

If it isn't the correct year model etc, search YouTube for "(insert year, make and model of car) wiper linkage replacement" to hopefully find a more suitable video that will help you.


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