Touch screen not fully working

Hello everyone,

I recently have just repaired a customers iPhone 6. Repair went well but after 1 day the customers touch screen stopped working. Well let me rephrase, only the top half of the touch screen does not work. Any ideas of what is causing this? Could it be a product defect ?


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I would try a different display, to rule out the one that's on there. While you're in the phone, you can check the digitizer socket connector, and see if there's any damage there. After that, likely the touch ic

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Turned out to be the display


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You could have a faulty replacement screen, that's certainly the first thing I would try to replace. It may be incorrectly connected but a shop owner, you've probably already thought of that.

Assuming everything checks out okay, you may want to consider the possibility of Touch Disease. Check out my profile for a link to my blog that goes into the details if you want to learn more. Normally Touch Disease affects the entire screen so your problem probably resides within the screen or connectors.

Touch Disease requires a micro-soldering repair so if you know someone who does this, they may be able to troubleshoot this.

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It's probably Touch Disease. IPhone 6 is known to have it, touch screens stop working.

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