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How to replace front wheel bearing, in FWD vehicle

I need to replace the front passenger side wheel bearing in my 1998 Honda accord EX 4 cyl. I would prefer to do this myself. I have searched the internet for bearing replacement instructions and have been unable find D.I.Y. instructions for replacing the front bearings in a front wheel drive car.

This is the only information I was able to find:

A wheel hub assembly houses the wheel bearing on a Honda Accord. Vehicles that are front-wheel driven have the front wheel bearing snugly fit in the front wheel's hub assembly. The axle assembly must be taken out of the hub in order to access the wheel bearing. Professionals (with specialized tools) are required to take out the front wheel bearing.

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Take off the wheel and remove the 36mm nut from the hub. Remove the disk, remove the brake caliper, unbolt the steering knuckle underneath. Push the axle through the hub assembly.

At this point, you'll have to bring the hub to any auto or machine shop (even a local high school) to have the bearing pressed out. Bring the new bearing with you so it can be pressed back in. Reverse the process to assemble the wheel and off you go.

Let me know if you have more questions about that.


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You can buy a hub and bearing already pressed.

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I agree with the above answer. First you need to take off the wheel and remove the hub’s nut i.e. nearly 36 mm wide. Then you have to remove disk, the brake caliper and for removing hub you can take help of any auto or machine shop to press that bearing out. Insert new bearings inside and reverse the whole process of reassembling wheel. However, if you still have any doubt then visit http://www.brakeandfrontend.com/replacin... that shows step wise procedure to do this task. I hope it helps.

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