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Hard drive compatibility between Toshiba models

Which other models of Toshiba laptops would allow me to use my existing Hard Drive without reloading software?

Ideally, I would install my existing drive into another laptop, turn it on and business as usual, (IE. be able to use it without too much configuring and no re-installation of operating system and other software).

My Toshiba A75-S231 is, (and always has been), an over-heating nightmare. Due to the design of the cooling system, (fans, air ducting and processor location), keeping it from clogging up with dust and over-heating is impossible.

When that happens, I have to expose those components to clean them. Over-heating stops until enough dust collects again. Sounds simple right? Not even remotely easy.

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The Satellite A75-S229 looks pretty close. You *might* be able to upgrade the processor using yours.

I would highly recommend Sysprep if you're doing this with a Windows machine. Sysprep is a good friend.

Unfortunately, Toshibas have a tendency to run hot. That is a pretty common complaint across the board with their laptops. Older enterprise grade Dell and HP laptops will usually cost comparatively and run cooler.

For those you would be looking for a Latitude or EliteBook. Both of which have excellent documentation!

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Thanks Michael, I'll check out Sysprep also. This is my LAST machine still running Windows XP and I desperately want to keep running that OS and the installed applications.


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