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How do I test the power supply.

Battery won't charge.

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If the battery won't charge, 98% of the time it's a bad battery. Google "coconut battery", download and run it, and it will tell you the status if your battery including load cycles and current capacity. If the machine runs fine on ac power, most likely the problem is not the ac. I have never seen an ac that powered the computer yet was at fault for not charging the battery.

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I would say that except 98% of the time it's pretty easy to tell if something's a bad battery, you get all kinds of crazy and erratic behavior- such as it holding only a few minutes charge or stuff like that before not charging. Suddenly not charging is indicative of the dc in board


I don't agree -- a faulty DC-in, specifically in an iBook, will not reliably power the computer at all, let alone charge the battery. iBook DC-ins are pretty much all or nothing. Besides, iBook batteries do some pretty wacky things, such as failing to take a charge suddenly, and dying when they are supposedly half charged. I get in and test about 100 iBook batteries a week, and the erratic behavior never ceases to amaze me. Most users don't have a replacement battery to use for comparison, and when a battery that has always worked suddenly stops working, the first instinct is to blame the machine or the AC, when, like I said, 98% of the time, it's just the ten-year-old battery flaking out. PowerBooks and MacBooks, on the other hand, will more commonly fail to charge a battery while AC power is still functional, partly because those machines have flakier battery connectors than iBooks do.


Well reasoned answer--also allows determination of battery status before buying and replacing parts. +


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Try a different charger or try the charger in a different computer, if it works, then replace the dc in board.

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