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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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convert iPod to flash memory

I have an Ipod classic video that came with a 160 Gig internal hard drive. of course the HDD is dead, so i'm looking to upgrade it to flash memory. the problem is that i dont seem to be able to find all the answers i need to be sure i can do what i want to do to it.

question 1: the original HDD in the ipod is 160 gigs. I'd like to replace that HDD with a flash memory drive that will be a larger capacity of storage, but how much storage can i used with this Ipod? Is it possible to put a 1 TB flash drive in it and have it actually store and use that much data?

question 2: is there a guide for this particular model to be upgraded to flash memory?

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There is a guy that sells boards for use with microSD cards, SDXC, CF, and mSATA storage. I suggest checking out . To better explain, yes, you can put a 1TB mSATA SSD with the appropriate board, however, most recommend also replacing the original battery with a larger capacity battery if you're planning on using an mSATA.

If you don't want to replace the battery, you can go with SDXC cards. They tend to come in capacities of 128GB, 256GB, and some in 512GB. They will use much less battery than the mSATA SSDs and I would like to some day upgrade my iPod with a couple of 128GB SDXCs.

I recommend staying away from CompactFlash since they're pretty dated and come in limited capacities (I've seen most around 64GB).

As I said before, you can go with a 1TB mSATA but you'll also need a new battery so that's up to you, you can go with just 1 mSATA or you can buy a quad microSD or Dual SDXC adapter and go with that.

Either way, the above website still has plenty of resources and guides with comparisons of runtime and performance. You can even find a couple of videos.

I hope I could help you and good luck!

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