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Replaced full screen assembly now Touch-ID doesn't work

Recently replaced my screen along with the LCD screen, I took the original home-button and the backplate with the home-button cable and installed it. Went into settings and tried to set a Touch-ID and the error message "Failed Unable to complete Touch ID setup. Please go back and try again." I've tried all software related fixes that I could find on the webs but nothing worked. Please help!

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This seems to be a hardware issue, not a software issue. Did you make sure the connections were tight?

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Are You working on a 6 or 6S? The 6 has the home button ribbon attached to the backplate which can easily get damaged. That can be replaced. If you damaged the home button than you are out of luck. If it's a 6S the home button ribbon is built into the screen and if that's damaged than you need another screen.

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I took the original thingy that the home button cable was attached to, homebutton is also original and sits in my phone still.


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