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Screen blacked out but touch, sound and everything else works

This screen has a good LCD (I've tested it) but it's black. I can press and hold the power button and slide it to power off, the vibration works and even the sound. I've already tried a hard reset and multiple power off and reboot techniques but it's still the same. I've checked and checked and checked the connections over and over again but all screws are in place and I'm not noticing anything missing if there is anything. What's going on!!??

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If you are confident that everything else is okay (and it sounds like you have been rigorous), then it appears to be a backlight issue. Because the screens is known-good, then the only option left is a problem with the backlight circuit on the logic board.

If you are comfortable with micro-soldering, then search for the schematics and identify FL2024. That is the backlight filter and it can blow and stop the backlight from working.

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The backlight circuit is damaged, thank you!!


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