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BaseBand CPU Chip reflow

Hi, my friends iphone is having a problem where the phone is getting an error (-1) in itunes when trying to restore it. i have read that the Baseband CPU Chip needs reflowing but that is out of my comfort zone and can the phone be sent into ifixit for reflowing? if so how much would it cost? if not where is a place that i can have it done?

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iFixit does not repair phones for business. They sell parts and tools for fixing devices.

There are places for it to be done but that depends in what country you are in unless you are comfortable sending a phone overseas to a business.


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Search for shops that do micro-soldering repairs, for example, "micro-soldering iphone TOWN OR CITY WHERE I LIVE".

Ideally, you want to find someone local but good workmanship trumps locality. There are many shops worldwide that do this so you shouldn't have any problems finding them. Talk to them and ask how they do their work. Focus on troubleshooting, as opposed to shotgun replacement, and good practices like proper cleaning of boards once completed etc.

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