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The T-Mobile G1 is the first smartphone to be marketed running the mobile Android operating system. Released in September 2008.

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What is the use of the 'teardown'?

The 'Teardown' page is interesting but not much use. To me a teardown is a step by step disassembly, not just pictures of an already disassembled phone with 'steps' alongside that are not steps at all, just a rather superficial description of the unit, mixed in with equally interesting but pointless detail.

I want to replace a broken screen, so how much of the phone do I take apart and where do I start? This 'Teardown' tells me next to nothing of how to go about it.

Full marks for interest and zero for usefulness.

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The "teardown" gives you a general overview of the product. In other words, you get to see the forest before examining the trees. Without it you would just have repair guides on individual aspects of the unit and not a complete picture. What this unit needs now is for someone to create specific repair guides for parts and trouble shooting. Your input would be welcome. Just click on the "Contribute" icon in the menu bar and it will guide you to how this can be done. You too can help others.

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agreed +


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That's kinda the point- very interesting but not very useful. We do need repair guides though- so follow mayer's instructions and make some of your own!

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