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O iPhone 5s da Apple foi anunciado em 10 de setembro de 2013. O reparo deste dispositivo é semelhante ao de modelos anteriores e requer chaves e ferramentas de abertura. Disponível como GSM ou CDMA / 16, 32 ou 64 GB / nas cores prata, dourado e cinza espacial.

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Screen not working after iPhone5s replacement

I have just replaced an iPhone 5s screen for about the 5th time now and all other times have been fine, however this time the screen hasn't come on at all or won't show if it is charging. It plugs into the computer and a device shows however this is the only thing to show me that the battery is fine.

I'm guessing the problem is with the LCD/digitiser. Has anyone had this problem and if so how was it fixed?

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It's possible you may have got a bad screen. It can happen. Does your old screen still work?

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Nope! Tried the old one but the same problem happened


There could be multiple diffrent issues.

I'm assuming you've been disconnecting the battery each time? If not, definitely disconnect it and reconnect it.

You say this is the 5th time, there is a chance some of the screws may have been mixed that keep the retention plate down. If this is the case, you might be suffering from long screw damage.

Or there could be a part on the board itself that's come loose or came off altogether, especially if this is the 5th time it's been repaired.

Or it could just be a simple dirty connection. Clean the connectors on the board and screen with some isopropyl on a q-tip


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