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I have question about iPhone 6 glass repair. Im little bit confused with polarizer film and oca stickers. So I have separated glass from screen using LCD Separator built in Vacuum. My question is: Where is OCA now and where is polarizer film? I have new OCA and polarizer film so I need to know what to remove and after where is what going.

Generally Im bit confused about what is polarizer and what is OCA. I know that OCA holds glass and display together like LOCA glue. Is that mean that OCA goes on polarizer film and then just before glass?

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OCA goes between the polariser (thin layer on top of LCD) and glass. You will only have to replace the polariser if this was damaged whilst splitting (edge peeled), or scratched.

The polariser is the part which allows the LCD to display an image. When the polariser is removed, the screen will just show a white image, until the polariser is placed over this.

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Your best bet is to look on youtube. look for something like iphone 6 oca screen refurbishment. Basically on your screen you have multi layers. The bottom layer which is the LCD/touch screen, then the polarizer on top, then the OCA on top of that, then the top peice of glass.

You have removed the glass and the glue is left, known as the OCA (optically clear adhesive), you probably have left the polarizer on the LCD which is fine, leave it (its the black looking layer on the LCD).

Propper screen refurbishers would replace the polarizer for 100% perfect screen, sounds like your very new so I would use the old 1.

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hello friend, i can tell u :

the lcd separate 6 parts as follow:

1. glass lens

2. OCA glue

3. polarizer film


5. Backlights

6. backlights film

the OCA under the Glass lens, the polarizer film is under OCA.

now we use KN6.2 UV OCA, it is soft and easy remove bubbles.

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I have question about refurbish. If I buy a Glass with Preinstalled OCA/Cold Pressed Frame, and managed to take off broken glass and frame from iPhone, what other product do I need to finish reburbish? Do I still need bubble remover machine if OCA pre-installed?


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