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Will I lose my icloud data if I change the motherboard?

My Iphone 5 is not working anymore, i ve been told that is a motherboard problem and if i want it fixed i will lose everything on the phone.

Now...i have an i cloud contact with my photos in, will it be cancelled as well??

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First is your data backed up to the cloud? You can check and see what's on your iCloud by going to iCloud.com this is step1. Any time your doing a repair it could cause damage to the phone that's why you should back the phone up via the cloud. If your phone gets damaged then put in your Apple ID in the new phone and everything that is backed up to the cloud will be in your new phone

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SO...once again. Everything i got now on my Icloud account are the saved data that i will not lose. Right???


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iCloud items are stored on Apple's servers, so you should not lose that data.

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