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Repair guides and support for your Mitsubishi TV, no longer produced by Mitsubishi Electric.

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Green light of death help

Mitsubishi tv dlp wd60c9- tv stuck on welcome screen green light blinking green fast I already replaced two 820uf capacitors still doing the same thing. The weird thing is. Is that the tv code is showing 33. Air filter cover is open. Makes no semse please help.

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@joshstoney it's a beast to figure out. Most common issue with that are the caps, and I wonder why you only replaced those two? Most of these sets require a whole bunch of caps to be replaced.


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rsx needs reballing or your rsx chip is dead

The gpu is struggling and is on its way out, hairline splits in the solder balls etc.

Plus the solder balls used on the ps3 gpu is tin and sh!t quality, high quality lead solder balls last alot longer

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